Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Back in action...

I'll see if I can keep this going for awhile this time...

The Customer is Always Right...even when?

About 3pm on a Thursday a man stops me in the aisle..."Do you need help with anything?
"yes! My daughter just threw up over there..."
Not the kind of help I was hoping for...No big deal, not too messy, just a shopvac and some carpet cleaner...back to business..

5pm the same evening...MOD needed at the Men's fitting room...On my way.
Two young associates, giggling, "you have to see this!"
In the fitting room, a sharp nasty smell. "Great" In the stall, a wad of the tissue paper and cardboard collar used to keep the shape in dress shirts...along with some ones accidental BM! Wipe your butt in the fitting room, leave it in the room, and back about your business! WOW...again not a major mess, but a few gags, almost make it a HUGE mess, don the gloves, shirt as a mask and a trip to the dumpster later and its back to business...

830pm...walking near the front of the store...a little piece of something on the tile...hmmm...oh wait theres another 4ft later...oh you have got to be kidding. A trail leading back to the restrooms. No pot of gold at the end of this rainbow! Instead in the womens restroom, a large, extremely nasty mess in front of the toilet. In the middle of the pile, the ladie's underwear. Not that she would have wanted them in the condition they were in...but just leave them there? CRAZY!

I use this day to fall back on when I think I have had a bad day, or someone else needs to know their day could be worse...usually does the trick!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

PJ's new album

Well it shoud be a great year for music! PJ has announced their first studio album in 4 years, first out from under sony's thumb will be released in MAY!! I need a count down gif

I have heard a snipet! MY new ringer for sure. Worldwidesuicide

And I just preordered Live's new album due in a couple weeks!

G's special day

Although he wasnt quite as lucky as JJ, he still made out like a bandit!

We went early again in hopes of a fan of the game chance, and to watch warm ups, and it was sold out and I dont like fighting crowds.

We stopped a couple booths outside and G got to take some shots at a radio booth that had a net set up. I guess the practice in the hall is paying off, he scored a couple times with a big stick and puck on concrete! Won a hat and a sucker. he liked the sucker best, but the hat is a good fit, no bumps!

Well we have decided to retire the autographed jersey for now, so we also needed a new kids jersey. First order of business is the jersey, so I hooked G up with one like mine this time. With beads, hat, pom pom, we explore the arena. Found a face paint booth, no luck talking him into it though.

We pick up a stick and ball combo at the den, so now he can play goalie like CUJO. I'm not sure how Cujo became his favorites but he is sold. We head down to the the glass to watch warmups, this time from the Coyotes end. This time with a camera as well, a real camera. Some good action shots, the speed is crazy.

One of the players flips a puck to us! It hits the net right over my head and I catch it on the glass. G is beaming! A great PIC! So now we have a game and practice back in back to back games!

After warm ups we head back to our seats. The crowd is filtering in, unfortunately the color of red that is coming in is just a shade to bright. The sold out arena is due inlarge part to Wing nuts everywhere. Thats ok though the excitement of a sell out should be great. The wings jump all over the yotes early2-0 in 3 minutes, looks like its going to be a long night. The yotes score a couple quick ones before the end of the first, bringing it back to 3-2. Could be a good game after all.

That changed in teh 2nd, with 6 penalties, 4 Red Wing goals its getting ugly. Cujo is playing mad, slashing at guys when they get close. 2 penalties on him in 3 minutes. Oh well maybe next time...the Red Wing fans are sure enjoying it.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Not me but my adorable JJ!!!

We went to the Coyotes game last night and she was the luckiest girl there!!

First we showed up at the opening of the gates so we could explore for a hour and a half before face off. Well that was a great move! We watched the zamboni from the front row as it cleaned the ice before warm ups. We left to walk around some more and the 2 of the pack stopped us and asked if she would like to participate in an event. "Of Course!!"

So they gave us directions to the Fan of the Game Competetion. We thought we would check out how to get there, so we scouted the location. Just as the warm ups were beginning. It was on the Stars side for warmups but still fun. The Stars goalie kept messing with us...slamming the glass with his stick as he would sakte by...he flipped a puck our way but it bounced back from the net.

But as warmups were winding down one of the NHL officials called JJ over and gave her an official game puck.

After warmups we headed back to watch the game from our seats and it was a great game for a Coyotes fan, Cujo was solid, Doan scored on a one on one, there was at least 6-7 fight, and they lead as we left to find the fan of the game.

We showed up and watched a couple minutes from the corner, then they escorted us down stairs. The guts of the arena, and into the zamboni tunnel, where we watched from ice level. A great perspective, so much faster, the guys are bigger.

After a coupe of breaks the contest begins. All but one of the competitions have been 2 adults and one kid...and the kids have won by landslides. JJ is beaming, and walks away with the title.

We get to watch the rest of the game from the tunnel. JJ gets to dance with the Pack, and Howler. We are on the jumbo tron at every break! IT WAS AWESOME!

AFter the game we are escorted right outside the locker room to mee a player. A minute later Derek Morris emerges. Hes been hurt for awhile so I'm sure he was dressed already. Very nice guy, talked to JJ and me for a couple minutes, signed her jersey and puck. Then we were taken to the team meet and greet area.

After a few minutes the Stars started to pass by and head to their bus. The guys al seem so much smaller, and hard to recognize out of the jersey. All the pads and skate height makes a huge impression.
Then the coyotes start coming out, and everyone stops and asks if we liked the game, had fun etc. Derek Morris, Mike Comrie, Mike Ricci, Oleg Saprykin, Jamie Lundmark, Denis Gauthier, Cujo, and NASH all stopped. They signed JJs jersey and my program. Except Nash signed my Nash jersey!

Luckily I had my new phone, so I got some decent pics, but I wish I had Mist's!!

Its now alomst 11, and they ended the session and showed us the way out. Good timing as JJ does have school. Im sure she is wiped out...but Im sure she wont complain either.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I think its Saturday

Athough honestly Im not too sure...
Lets see I have been working everyday since the superbowl...13 straight, I'm sure a lot of people work that many between 2 jobs, or even one like mine. But 80 hours just since this Sunday, its been awhile since I have pulled these kind of hours. There is a major difference now, I really like working these days. Its nice that my hard work pays off too, and is recognized. We had the CEO in the store on Thursday and the store looked GREAT!!

Now I can focus on the next step. I have interviews March 8th in Denver! If everything goes well, then I would just be waiting for my own store!!! We have 3 in our market in October, so June or July for training! Its just amazing how much has changed in so litte time.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Coyotes Update

Well a few weeks ago Schlepppy gave me tickets the hockey game, I haven't been to a game live since grade school. WOW, it was incredible! So exciting and fun, I was hooked from the get-go. Sooo hooked I bought season tix. I have been rotating kids since...tonight was jjs night.

A good game, but they lost. Some major betting controversy with the assistany coach today...should be an impact, but they didn't seem all there.

I am in partially due to password issues, and partially xmas craziness

But I am back!

So much has heppened in the last few months, I'll just take a few bites at a time.

Lets work backwards for fun.

I had a meeting with my manager and district manager today. I am officially headed to the store manager interviews! I heard a little about it a few weeks ago, but nothing set in stone. So March 8th, I get to fly to Denver for the real deal. Should I pass then as soon as an opportunity comes I will be placed. Im not going to jinx anything now, but I know they wouldn't put me in this position with out a lot of confidence in me. Chris and Becki, my Dm and Sm are very exited. As am I of course!!! With new stores opening in October there will be plenty of opportunity!
It is just so refreshing to be recognized by my boss, and her boss. She is well on her was to being DM as well!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

It all comes around..

I got the call I knew I would get someday!

One of my buddies from Target called, with the news...She is no longer with Target! Rumors abound...she resigned under the pressure, corporate was coming down on her for the way she treated people, she was done with the games...I cant wait to here more.

I can't really say what I would change if I had the chance to do things over. I am stronger for what I went through, and much happier now than I think I would be even if I was still with Target.

So tomorrow I'll make some calls to reconnect with some old friends! Should be interesting!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Freaky Stories

Everyone has one...Misti swears she lived in a haunted house as a kid.

I cannot explain the strange lights we saw for hours last year one fourth of July...

I love to listen to the Wacko stories that call into Coast to Coast radio on the way home from work...

Haunted House shows, X files, stories of livestock mutilation, bigfoot...fascinate me.

I swear I have some psychic ability...although its really just a soulmate connection with me and Misti. Everyday we are on thinking the same thing, I'll ask her something and she will just laugh.
But the dream I had about Wyatt makes me think what if...